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16 January, 2021

Gabriel Roberts

The Aims and Morality of History

Donald Bloxham, History and Morality and Why History?

13 August, 2020

Gabriel Roberts

A History of Our Better Nature

Rutger Bregman, Humankind: A Hopeful History

22 May, 2020

Gabriel Roberts

For What?

Roger Crisp, Sacrifice Regained

13 October, 2017

Gabriel Roberts

What do you think of it?

Catherine Belsey's Criticism

2 March, 2015

Gabriel Roberts

Situated Judgement

Gabriel Roberts considers the place of prejudice

2 February, 2015

Gabriel Roberts

Is Nothing Sacred?

Gabriel Roberts is unconvinced by Roger Scruton's search for the transcendent

10 November, 2014

Gabriel Roberts

Clear and Distinct Ideas

Roberts reviews Billig's criticism of writing in the social sciences, concluding that he underestimates the problem.

13 October, 2014

Gabriel Roberts

Whose Values? Which Justification?

Gabriel Roberts challenges us to think about the humanities in terms of the amount and explicitness of disagreement which they can tolerate about matters of value.

17 March, 2014

Gabriel Roberts

Why History, Exactly?

Anthony Pagden's The Enlightenment: And Why It Still Matters inadvertently exemplifies the difficulties of making history relevant today.

17 February, 2014

Gabriel Roberts

What are Justifications For?

Helen Small's The Value of the Humanities provides an effective commentary on the debate, but raises deeper questions about the nature of justification.