Tag: Gender

29 February, 2020

Levi C. R. Hord

Transgender Sincerity and the Limits of Seriousness

An essay on the possibility of wearing one's gender lightly

15 May, 2017

Kaj Worth

Gender Ghosts

Mantel, Morris, mysticism.

26 October, 2009

Jenny Messenger

The “Vitreous Ceiling”

On Women in Science

9 March, 2009

Chris M. Sheppard

The Riot and Its Aftermath

Reconsidering homosexuality in Ancient Greece

2 March, 2009

Eddie Gerald

Traffic in Tel Aviv

A photographic essay on brothels in Israel

23 February, 2009

Ryan Thoreson

False Idols and Golden Statuettes

Milk and the Future of LGBT Rights in America

9 February, 2009

Emma Kaufman

Hillary is History

On Race, Gender and the Folly of "Going First"

15 December, 2006

Alix Rule

International Grassroots Feminism?

Catherine MacKinnon's Are Women Human?

15 June, 2006

Steven Stowell

A Gay Love Story?

Brokeback Mountain's Representation of Homosexuality

15 December, 2004

Amy Sackville

All That Glitters

The Line of Beauty, Winner of the 2004 Man Booker Prize