Tag: International Relations

26 January, 2009

Lee Jones

In Memoriam: Samuel P. Huntington

1927 - 2008

1 March, 2008

Daniel Hemel

How I Learned to Love the Neo-Cons

Tom Farer's Confronting Global Terrorism and American Neo-Conservatism

1 March, 2007

Robbie Shilliam

The Contest Over Sovereignty

Politics Without Sovereignty: A Critique of Contemporary International Relations

15 December, 2006

Matthew Pennycook

Crisis of the Charismatic

David Runciman's The Politics of Good Intentions

John-Paul McCarthy

Pitchers of Warm Piss

Bruce Kuklick's Blind Oracles and Paul Kennedy's The Parliament of Man

15 June, 2005

Dominik Zaum

The Dual Mandate of the US in Occupied Iraq

Noah Feldman's What We Owe Iraq: War and the Ethics of Nation Building