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25 November, 2015

Joel Krupa

Climbing Mt. Thesis: A how-to guide

Joel Krupa shares Umberto Eco's invaluable advice to young academics

2 February, 2015

Joel Krupa

The End Of The (Assembly) Line?

Joel Krupa considers the case for a manufacturing renaissance

29 October, 2011

Joel Krupa

The Power of Place

25 July, 2011

Joel Krupa

Guided by Gaia

Tim Flannery's Here on Earth deploys innovative scientific concepts to address the looming environmental crisis.

16 May, 2011

Joel Krupa

Transparency Terrorist

Leigh and Harding draw on their close ties with WikiLeaks to analyse the personality and impact of Julian Assange.

31 January, 2011

Joel Krupa

An Interview with Fran Pavley

California State Senator Fran Pavley discusses clean energy.

Joel Krupa

An Interview with Robert Bateman

Wildlife artist Robert Bateman discusses bridging the gap between the modern and natural world.

1 November, 2010

Joel Krupa

The Promise of an African Pot

The World Cup and South Africa

18 October, 2010

Joel Krupa and Braden MacDonald

Shorting our Future

Michael Lewis' The Big Short

7 June, 2010

Joel Krupa

Guiding the Invisible Hand

Joseph Stiglitz's Freefall