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12 October, 2015

Tom Cutterham

Forget Wikipedia

Tom Cutterham imagines a world after capitalism

16 February, 2015

Tom Cutterham

The Endless Revolution

Tom Cutterham on why the story of cotton is also the story of capitalism

27 October, 2014

Tom Cutterham

Historians Getting Things Done

The History Manifesto envisages historians not in the study, library, or classroom, but striding the corridors of power, getting things done.

16 June, 2014

Tom Cutterham

Factories in the Field

Roberts' book reminds readers to consider struggles over discipline, time, pay, and workers' rights around the world.

17 March, 2014

Tom Cutterham

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid!

Benjamin Kunkel's Utopia or Bust reflects a current trend towards pragmatic engagement by the radical left wing.

13 May, 2013

Tom Cutterham

An Atlas of Thought

David Armitage offers a suitably postmodern model for the exploration of international intellectual history.

3 March, 2013

Tom Cutterham

Last Clowns Dancing

Lars Iyer's latest novel completes a trilogy dedicated to thought, foolishness, and the university, writes Tom Cutterham

4 February, 2013

Tom Cutterham

The Economy of Writing

Tom Cutterham considers money, the writing classes, and literary magazines in a new anthology from n+1 that contains some real gems.

21 January, 2013

Tom Cutterham

Inscrutable Methods

Tom Cutterham struggles to identify the means to the ends of Marc Mulholland's Bourgeois Liberty.

16 December, 2012

The Best of 2012