Tag: United Kingdom

8 June, 2009

Rebecca Rosen

Thoughts on Form

An Interview with Philip Pullman

1 June, 2009

Sophie Duncan

Now am I in Arden

The Royal Shakespeare Company's As You Like It

4 May, 2009

Jennifer Graham

An Afterlife of Event

Claire Harman's Jane's Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World

27 April, 2009

Lakshmi Krishnan

The Quiet Rebel

An interview with Amit Chaudhuri

2 March, 2009

Ben Eidelson

When Getting it Wrong is Getting it Right

Democratic politics and the Most Likely World assumption

Nakul Krishna

On Polyphony

The many voices of Zadie Smith

23 February, 2009

Jennifer O'Sullivan

Mining the Artistic Depths

The Pitmen Painters at the National Theatre

Special Issue: Abraham Lincoln Bicentenary

16 February, 2009

James Appell

Britannia and the Slaves

Britain's paradoxical relationship with Abraham Lincoln

9 February, 2009

Scarlett Baron

Michael Nyman à grande vitesse

Michael Nyman on Stage and Screen

2 February, 2009

James Appell

More Than a Game?

Sport and the Ivory Tower