Tag: United States

23 February, 2009

Ryan Thoreson

False Idols and Golden Statuettes

Milk and the Future of LGBT Rights in America

Sam Kahn

The Pain of Susan Sontag

Reborn: Early Diaries, 1947-1963

Nakul Krishna

Vision, Poetry, America and Sex

The Selected Letters of Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder

Special Issue: Abraham Lincoln Bicentenary

16 February, 2009

John-Paul McCarthy

To Take this Sorry World Entire

Abraham Lincoln at 200

James Appell

Britannia and the Slaves

Britain's paradoxical relationship with Abraham Lincoln

Andrew Hammond

Fellow Citizens, We Cannot Escape History

James McPherson's Tried by War: Lincoln as Commander In Chief

Katie Wake

Hellcat Recast

Catherine Clinton's Mrs. Lincoln: A Life

James Moxness

Histories of a Revolutionary

The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Jefferson

9 February, 2009

Jonathan Gharraie

John Updike: A Self Forever

1932 - 2009

Emma Kaufman

Hillary is History

On Race, Gender and the Folly of "Going First"