Tag: World War II

16 March, 2009

Laura Kolbe

Besieging the Barbarian

Jonathan Littell's The Kindly Ones

Therese Feiler

The Human Face of Liberation

William I. Hitchcock rethinks the Allied liberation in World War II

2 March, 2009

Joshua Billings

Waiting for Detonation

John Adams’s Doctor Atomic at the English National Opera

15 June, 2008

James Appell

Forgotten Conscripts No Longer

Tom Hickman's Called Up, Sent Down: The Bevin Boy's War

1 March, 2007

Jacob Foster

Love Among the Ruins

S.S. Schweber's In the Shadow of the Bomb

15 June, 2005

Will Norman

The Quiet Centre of The Third Reich

Oliver Hirschelbiegel's Downfall