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Weekly Round-Up: Absorption, Telling Tales About the Novel, What Is Development?, Reclaiming Liberalism, Moaning Moguls, and Proust

The Oxonian Review presents the Weekly Round-Up, featuring articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Mark Edmundson: ‘Pay Attention!’ [1]“, The Hedgehog Review: In praise of ‘absorption’. “To be absorbed is to intensify one’s connection with what is real with the hope of reshaping it for the better, if ever so slightly.”

2. “Leo Robson: ‘Hedgehog versus fox’ [2]“, New Statesman: How should we tell the story of the novel? “There are two potential methods of narrating this story: a fox way and a hedgehog way, both of them rife with problems.”

3. “Martha Nussbaum: ‘Tell Narendra Modi: Human Development is More than GDP’ [3]“, The Boston Review: Nussbaum unpicks the Modi ‘miracle’, and makes the case for a more human conception of development. “What is important is to shift the space of comparison from growth alone to the framework of human opportunity, with a strong focus on distribution and social equality.”

4. “Edmund Fawcett: ‘Reclaiming Liberalism’ [4]“, Aeon: Fawcett comes to the defence of liberalism. “Liberalism’s aims and ideals remain what they always were: resistance to domineering power, faith in human progress and insistence on civic respect for people. None of those need changing or abandoning. However, liberals urgently need to rethink how those aims and ideals are to be pursued in bewilderingly novel conditions.”

5. “James Surowiecki: ‘Moaning Moguls’ [5]“, The New Yorker: Capitalists in the twenty-first century. “If today’s corporate kvetchers are more concerned with the state of their egos than with the state of the nation, it’s in part because their own fortunes aren’t tied to those of the nation the way they once were.”

6. “‘An Interview with Daniel Mendelsohn’ [6]“, The Paris Review: “‘What is the lesson you draw from your own existence?’ This is the philosophy that Proust teaches us.”

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