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Weekly Round-Up: Beowulf, Flash Boys, Diamonds, Rembrandt, St Aubyn, and Book Festivals

The Oxonian Review presents the Weekly Round-Up, featuring articles the editorial staff have found interesting, illuminating, or otherwise noteworthy.

1. “Joan Acocella: ‘Slaying Monsters’“, The New Yorker: Ninety years after it was completed, Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf was finally published this week: “It is a thrill.”

2. “John Lanchester: ‘”Flash Boys”‘“, The London Review of Books: Michael Lewis’s new book delves into the underworld of high-frequency trading. “If we ever get enough distance to look back with some sense of perspective on the delirium of modern finance, I think this is what will stand out clearly: that sense of human and intellectual waste.”

3. “Anne Somerset: ‘Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend’“, Literary Review: Diamonds, scandal, Marie Antoinette: “an affair that, despite having the plot of a frothy operetta, was of genuine historical significance.”

4. “‘Rembrandt Prints Online’“: New York’s Morgan Library put a fantastic cache of Rembrandt’s etchings online this week. Explore and enjoy.

5. “Ian Parker: ‘The Real Life of Edward St Aubyn’“, The New Yorker: A lavish profile of the author of the coruscating Patrick Melrose novels. “St. Aubyn has written beautifully from the vantage point of self-preserving self-regard, and habits of mind that might be weaknesses in other fiction—a lack of leniency, a certain unresponsiveness toward the world beyond one’s world—become strengths.”

6. “Carl Wilkinson: ‘The economics of book festivals’“, Financial Times: Book festivals are booming but who’s profiting?

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